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June 15, 2011

LEAP: The natural evolution of space launch?






Why are we looking at Horizontal launch with such a challenging mass fraction?  Why would we throw away the entire launcher after every flight instead?  We are identifying technologies that have not been previously evaluated to improve horizontal launch advantages.  On the way we have identified applications closer to earth that can pay for greater developments down the road.

Real markets are close at hand, and we will reveal those when customers are identified.  For now I want to introduce some of our ideas on space launch in a regular web log (blog) publication.  I will identify concept requirements and answers that we are considering to meet those needs.  We can compare to present and past methods.  Contributions of previous aviation pioneers are incorporated, and their value will be pointed out.

Building small models verifies geometry and basic design on a small-scale.  Building these and getting them airborne is further validation and visualization for bigger ideas to follow.  Every flight we have done has added to the resources for the next revisions.  This blog will bring you along the fabrication and marketing path to a viable venture.  We will not be locked into any box to find a path to flight.  Business models and flight models can all be a little radical if they work.

I have thirty years of mechanical design behind the sculpture of CAD dreams.  Being aware of the possibilities of packaging I hope to present possibilities of production and marketing as well.  We need help from many disciplines, so feel free to add feedback and contributions.  We can accept sub contract projects or investors as well.  I hope we can identify a system to represent the DC3 of our new space generation.  But there are other applications that can generate commerce close at hand as well.

David Luther


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  1. Kind of sad that they remove the video, I was hoping to see the RC model flying.. I found this airfoil really interesting….

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