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March 6, 2012


You know I hope to promote a unique launch concept.  I will strive to get my perosnal life downsized to allow mobility to promote the concept.  I should have communications from remote launch sites, and will attend air shows and new space events.  I hope to report on space ventures in other states as well.

In a previous blog I observed that a long duration mission to Mars may face issues with Murphy’s law.  I will publish a detailed account of my efforts to launch my earthly venture soon.  But here are a few examples of the workings of Murphy on this small venture.

My home life changed when dad passed away as one would expect.  On my way to his funeral in Nebraska my vehicle blew it’s engine.  Coming home in a rental car I hit a truck tire tread on the highway.  I did miss the 5 elk I saw on the road south though.

I offered to let my brother have dad’s house, so I bought a trailer to live in.  I moved all my possesions into a trailer that needed some repairs and remodeling.  I lost my cable internet, so my cell phone became the modem for a (slow!) dial up web connection.  The cell phone developed a short and had to be replaced…with another defective cell phone.  I sent that back and finally got back on line.

I bought a new SUV for which no one manufactures trailer mirrors.  To mount those I will need to draw up my own design, but a plastic bumper offers no solid mounting.  I bought an aluminum bumper to provide brush protection and mirror mounting.

During this time my dog got mauled in a dog fight with a small pit bull.  The vet found no injuries…until they got infected a week later.  I may change her name to “Mercedes” for the doctor’s car payments which I am making now.

The trailer modifications include adding cabinets, a desk, and re-packing all my belongings.  I am learning how unique many trailer parts are now.  The toilet backs up daily to remind me how special it is.  I have an assortment of specialty plumber’s tools now.

I purchased a mobile satellite internet system which is manually aimed.  The usual satellite system is focused on only one city location, so many RVers use a cell network system now instead.  I want to send from the Black Rock desert though.  After extensive searching I found an economical used system in Tuscon.  On setting it up at home I discovered that the software works differently on my computer.  I am finding work-around solutions now…I hope.

I just had my first fender bender with my two week old car.  A sports car attempted to enter the lane that I was already occupying.  A Mazda Miata should not try to push and SUV off the road.  I had the scratch buffed out for $75 which should be refunded to me shortly.  The Miata may require a little more help.

I live in this 14 foot trailer now, and give thanks that it is earth bound.  After a month in space-dock it may be ready for a shakedown cruise soon.  Then perhaps I can back to the design of our flight hardware.  If this is how it goes for a satellite user, imagine how hard it is to be a satellite provider!

My other blog is a bible study as some of you know.  Faith is an asset to those who face overwhelming conditions; don’t leave home without it!



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