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June 29, 2012



So I have had time to remember my family and former life in Michigan.  I will return to Wyoming to plant a vision for a new space industry.  There is a lot of work to be done.  I have to search and study tools offered by the state of Wyoming for new ventures.  I have to prepare proposals for academic collaborations.  Actual investors are still another project to cultivate later.  First I have to present a viable product seed crop.

In the right environment investors may find our project without too much effort.  There are multiple applications that may draw interest over time for in line staging.  Consider how an airliner burns a great deal of fuel to leave the runway.  For an ocean crossing, that aircraft has to carry partly empty fuel tanks and engines large enough for that initial takeoff roll and climb. 

With in line staging a smaller aircraft could cross oceans with smaller tanks and engines if it had a booster aircraft for that initial send off.  Fuel efficient crossings and lower fares may be possible in this application.  Any application that puts the concept in flight adds to the viability of a later space launch system.

Small satellite launchers are not currently aiming at reusability or returning from orbit with cargo.  Could this grow to provide efficient asteroid mining?  Mining without return to earth is pointless, and reusability would be a requirement.  Regular flights from and to runways could make space access a routine system of commerce.

There are uses for this system, but I will need to press in to establish smaller applications early on.  This trip established a home for incorporation, and it will deliver my furniture and business tools to the new workspace.  I will raid my storage unit in Illinois to recover tools I haven’t seen for three years.  The good news is that every night during those three years I have been working on the project.  There is hope that that investment will bear fruit in a coming harvest. 

As this hot summer wears on, I am barely ahead of the heat wave crossing the nation.  I will move to Michigan’s thumb area to visit my brother on Tuesday.  Cool air from Lake Huron will ease our heat wave a bit.  Then I will pass through the Upper Peninsula on my way to the storage unit in Illinois.  I may have time to visit the EAA Airventure show in Oshkosh if I keep moving along. 

Am I a Don Quixote for daring to challenge the aerospace industry with a new solution?  Is it only for the young college grads to boldly go where no man has gone before?  We sure need more engineers and scientists.  We also need the Henry Ford aptitude that discovered avenues to revolutionary industrial methods.  That was honed in practical applications of daily farm life.  There are answers in the engineering office and in the prototype shop as well. 

If I have a solution that delivers good lift with less drag it is only part of the solution we need.  More solutions are waiting to be achieved to complete this vision.  Some of you could answer questions I still have waiting on my to-do list.  Henry Ford hired good engineers, and in those days some were also hired on their potential beyond their obvious credentials.  If you have some aptitude but lack experience or degrees you might be able to help.

I would welcome investors who will contribute their time and labor to get a good idea off the ground.  I am not looking for volunteer labor without rewards.  If we invest time it should constitute shares in the venture.  But we will not have paychecks until customers line up at the door.  We have to develop a product that will bring them.  If you are retired with some income you can make this a hobby job as I am doing.  Others may be able to contribute on a part time basis. 

I hope you may contribute ideas that can become your patent, and possibly spin off your own ventures.  I have a lot of hours in this now, and you too can log hours towards the goal.  If the concept is salable we should be able to divide the income according to the individual hourly contributions.  We need help in many non-technical areas too.  Administration, finances, legal and fabrication help is needed.  Airframe experience is especially valuable.

You can work from home or join me here in tax free Wyoming.  We are working to build the industrial base in this area, and you will not have any traffic jams on your commute.  I chose Wheatland because it has all the basic services in a clean home town environment.  We also have some aerospace neighbors growing around us.  This is the heart of our long range missile command, and now it could become the gateway to the stars.  




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