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July 8, 2012


My voyage has passed the business and family side now and I am on a full vacation tour headed north.  The weather looks good and I am ready to achieve the supply mission.  My furniture is stored in Byron Illinois, and I will pack this trailer full to move to the new house in Wyoming.  This is a little like a supply run to the International Space Station.  The whole trip has been a study in capsule life. 

All of my life functions are available within this confinement.  I chose a “toy hauler” trailer because it offered an open area in the back for customized installations.  It was designed to transport motorcycles or off-road vehicles.  Model airplanes are much lighter toys, and my computer desk is also made of light materials.  Tools, clothing and living supplies do not take me far beyond my vehicles towing capacity.  The ramp becomes a deck in mild weather to increase the available workspace.  The back allows me to set up outdoor equipment like the Marines hitting the beach.

The living area in front offers a kitchen, bathroom, microwave, stereo, and television.  Systems provide electricity from hookups or generator, with 16 gallons of gas.  A pump and gas hose expands the service to refuel the vehicle on three occasions so far.  With tools aboard I have made repairs along the route much as the old sailing ships did at sea.  A mobile internet satellite dish delivers communications on the move, even where cell phones don’t go. 

Many of my days are isolated from visitation, and I am travelling with a Lab-Coon dog mixed mutt.  Even with this small crew, space is limited.  We have to take turns to pass in the aisle when the bed is opened up.  Her company is pretty good on a long voyage though.  The internet and e-mail are good to fill in between visits, but this live critter is fun. 

For the long range capsule designs needed for deep space missions it is a bit more difficult.  I have the luxury of landing to open up to the great outdoors.  An EVA here is easy and enjoyable and not a risk to life and sanity.  Who wants to drift off into space for eternity?  Repairs here are not in zero gravity and there are no radiation dangers.  Just a few wild solar flares that may deliver some Northern Lights!

My voyage has taken several months and yet it is broken by visits to friends along the way.  Until we can warp drive to other inhabited worlds we see a long empty desert on the road ahead.  Remember how I ran out of gas three times along the way?  And human relations will be more remote than Facebook.  Even radio waves are slow over greater distances.  I can hit a satellite when trees and clouds don’t interfere, but that is pretty close to the earth compared to Mars.  Your friends may have to wait a few hours or so to “like” your post!

As I travel I also remember places where I met less than friendly souls.  If one will have companionship on board or on distant worlds it will not all be good.  The only intelligent life form we have met so far is us, and we seem to be imperfect.  The Bible suggests that all have sinned, and those who are forgiven are still learning how to behave.  Dog and I met a rattler in Arizona and that is probably nicer than some people!

 As much as it’s fun to imagine the future of human exploration, we fall short of the reality of the future.  Science fiction had hoped we would be farther ahead by now, but real science requires more than imagination.  Einstein reported that he depended on imagination over knowledge, but there is more.  

The ancient observation is valid here:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”  Now that same source reports that men needs a little help from above to keep the law, but the point about vision is valid.  Our nation needs a vision for space, and our imagination is still falling short of the possibilities.   

Science fiction has not gone far enough to reveal all that is possible.  Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and Farscape are all too conservative.  Even on earth I am seeing the revelation of an imaginative creator.  Now that I can walk the deserts and forests at night and day I have witnessed wonders of nature on our small planet.  Desert sunsets, concerts of frogs, and light shows of fireflies are just a taste of what lies beyond.  Man’s brilliant creations of science are only a wagon train compared to the possibilities of future voyages.   

When our imaginary voyages explore the possibilities of technology, we are entertained.  If we are losing the audience, we throw in a little soap opera romance to spice up the story.  We can even go to war to introduce heroics and adrenalin.  Finally science fiction may begin to look for an adventure in the supernatural realm.  It’s good to seek the answers that lie beyond the measurable realm that science can observe. 

If there is a supernatural power to measure our behavior could he be obvious?  If the brilliant people could measure deity, it would be merely natural, and not supernatural.  If simple people could not measure truth, should they be left to die?  Faith requires us to accept something that we can’t see, to allow complete fairness in our selection.  The invisible measures the secrets of the heart and is a fair minded source of help.  Science fiction still hopes to find that which the ancients have always possessed, which is faith.

John Crichton finds his power with the “ancients” in Farscape.  While I am merely exploring the natural realm of our earth, I am also availed of the reality of the ancients of our reality.  From this point on I have left my old life behind, and I am embarking on the outer limits of human potential.  We may access the help of the ancient of days if we seek him.  As I linger in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula I am free to seek supernatural help.  Creation reveals the glory of a creator, and we can see evidence of harmony that defies coincidence.  Las Vegas odds makers cannot create statistical predictions that could build this universal harmony by accident.   

Obviously I embraced Christian optimism some time ago.  We do tend to continue our belief against some impressive historical persecutions.  Those who died as martyrs were strongly reinforced to continue to death by some unseen encouragement.  We who live remember events of supernatural helps within our lives.  If you call for help and get answers, you know you got the right number.  If no one answers, keep dialing because you can get it right.  The number is a name; that which the Jews called Yeshua, their Messiah.

We live through incredible experiences as we walk in our new faith.  We make mistakes, and we can still apologize and learn better ways to go on the next day.  Many have great experiences with deliverance from threats in this life.  But the promise is weighted heavier on our hope for the next life.  Inded we are called to be a living sacrifice in this life to assure the next.  We don’t suffer all that much usually, but some do give all for that promise of a greater life.  That requires faith.

For those who seek to traverse space, there are greater things in store.  If we could do more than understand the “god particle”, and control it we might discover great power.  Perhaps Farscape’s ancients do have a wormhole technology to deliver.  I am confident that the reality is far greater than we can imagine though. 

I am comforted to know that our ancient of days has chosen to filter out those who would use power for destruction as Scorpius would.  By being one who measures faith instead of good works he discovers those who have clear intentions.  Even religious zealots are not able to fake what is in their hearts.  Being invisible makes him only selectively available.  I can commune with him in the wilderness of the far north.  But then you can do that in a closet in your home or by your bed at night.  The king of the universe has an open door policy for you.

For one who seeks to launch a new business venture I set out by faith to find a home and a vision for the future.  This is real for me even if others are skeptical.  “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;  1 Corinthians 1:27”

Columbus believed the Bible which presented the earth as being round, and was rewarded for his faith.  Michael Faraday declined honors from man to glorify God for his inspiration in electronic discoveries.  To go against the wisdom of their contemporaries required vision that only God can deliver.  Knowledge must be expanded to remain current, and imagination needs confirmation.  Vision is a spiritually enhanced understanding. 

The vision is needed, and knowledge and imagination are both limited.  There is far more opened to man than you have conceived.  I am earnestly expecting to find direction to greater hope as I seek divine direction this week.  I have already seen a lifetime of evidence added to many millennia of testimony of the ancients.  If I have faith, I must walk in it, so I am again issuing a challenge.  In the beginning I challenged states and spaceports to demonstrate their commitment to new space.  Now I challenge “I AM” himself to provide my livelihood, my inspiration, and my testimony.  If it were easy it would not require a great God.  You know that I have no great credentials to deliver, so I require the miraculous. 

By faith I WILL boldly go! 

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  1 Corinthians 2:9



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