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August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


Most of you know that I have proposed a system of in-line staging for space launch.  Space is an expensive dream, but small satellite launch capacity could open the door to bigger things.  An unmanned space launch system is a logical development because that is what we are using now; in vertical launch instead of horizontal launch.

Now we have a reasonable product and a red hot marketplace.  I am proposing to launch a funding project on Kickstarter to build a viable prototype demonstration.  Kickstarter is a fund raising site that offers donors incentive rewards and participation in new technologies and arts.  Some impressive projects are already successfully funded by this method:

From New Space Watch by Clark Lindsay

Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon August 27 2012 03:56:27 PM | by NSG Analysts

An Innovation News Daily article states, NSG OTB tracked company, LiftPort Group (ranked #154), aims to raise $8,000 through Kickstarter to implement its first milestone for a space elevator on the moon. This first project will create “a floating balloon platform tethered to the ground so that a robot can climb 1.2 miles (2 km) into the sky.”   Michael Laine, President of the LiftPort Group, states, “About six months ago, we had a fundamental breakthrough — a breakthrough we think will transform human civilization — and we want you to be a part of it” (Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon – Innovation News Daily).   –NSG Analysts

Space Elevator?  If that sounds a little “spacey”, don’t laugh…they already have their funding.  And they have revealed some interesting psychology in their incentive offerings.  Instead of hoping for volunteers, they are charging fans $250 to come help at the launch.  And they have two takers paid in full already.  Sounds a little like Tom Sawyer huh?  I see this as tuition for enthusiasts, which will get better attendance than looking for volunteers or even employees!

Oh but it gets even better.  They got $500 for a keynote speaker.  This could be a real investor if he sells tickets to the presentation.  Smart guy!  For $500 two not-so-smart guys will get to parachute off the balloon supported prototype of the space elevator.  Investors are boring, but enthusiasts dive right in!  There is a reason why the SEC is slow to let just anyone become a qualified investor.

So some of you may seek nominal payment for services, and we also encourage trading services or sponsorship for advertising space on vehicles and banners at events.  But this is intended to be fun and educational.  My small trailer will not keep a large group comfortable in the desert, so we will have to limit the on-scene attendance.  We can provide opportunities for enthusiasts to obtain a “pit pass” for a reasonable donation.

Other incentives may include certificate of appreciation, lab coats, pocket protectors, desk models of the aircraft, or even R/C model kits.  I think I hear gears turning in your minds about now.  I hope they include innovations for the vehicle, because you might identify your own patent and business products along the way.

This project is horizontal launch and horizontal integration as well.  That means I welcome consultants, vendors, and entrepreneurs to take a role, not just a select few team members.  We need some more industry in this country, not more governmental pork programs.  I would rather see you bring home the bacon!

What do we need to become “GO FOR LAUNCH”?  Kickstarter seeks a plan outline and a team capable of delivering the project.  We can gather resumes and describe a path to develop and demonstrate an efficient prototype.

This is being mailed to people with qualifications in airframes, design, avionics, and other specialized skill sets.  But we don’t all have to be rocket scientists.  To meet Kickstarter requirements we will need to communicate with donors, and deliver swag.  Web and e-mail communications are all part of our business management needs.  That’s why I am also sharing this with our community and churches.  If you want jobs, you have to invest sweat equity in your visions.  Can you help us build models, mail products, process office records, or do accounting?  We need all the help we can get! (My dad said I need professional help, but I can take amateurs too!)

Education may participate; we can even train youth to help us with many activities.  We have to remember that we are building a future.  For marketing on Kickstarter we have to sell the dream of space along with the simple steps to get there.  People will pay tuition to join Starfleet Academy.  No boredom allowed!

Our Facebook Group is called OrionCraft, and was intended to incubate new space ventures.  I will market under that name in our non-profit phase.  The arrival of paying customers will provoke a move to incorporate Exodus Aerospace in tax-free Wyoming.  At that time some of you may be interested in participation in a more vertical partnership.  I would like to record any hours you contribute as shares in the total time and funds I have already invested.  Even if you are not interested in this, the hours help us to learn how to plan big projects in the future.  I can send a spreadsheet to log time and expenses to all participants.

We may all wish to exchange non-disclosure agreements to preserve your rights to your inventions created along the way.  We may select a standard form or variations of your own.  My first patent is pending, but new improvements have real value towards a new level of patent applications I am considering now.  You may want to consider making your properties part of the future corporation to add value to your own investment in that entity. My first discussion of real business ideas has been launched as a WordPress Blog about Exodus Aerospace.  We have many viewers worldwide after some mention by Clark Lindsay on his popular “Hobbyspace” web site.

I may send this to folks who cannot contribute to this small vehicle.  Remember, the steps should lead upwards to your projects as well.  Bill Colburn has been encouraging me for nearly 15 years, and he was testing 24 inch diameter rocket motors at the Mojave site recently.  If I can bring money from DARPA, or DOD, we may be able to do the small satellite launcher.  Wyoming has a very aggressive program to inspire me to get Federal jobs going.  This fun job is just one small step as the late Neil Armstrong said.

Anyone who will submit a resume or any services can become a part of the dream.  I am not promising a trip to Mars, but a cool staged flying wing may make that trip easier to assemble over time.  Should I revive my old design education venture known as “Millennium Academy”?  That basic drafting class led me to fifteen years of new space adventures.  I have met famous rocket guys and designed systems for a lot of cool rocket plane stuff.  It needs a new name now, as a bunch of others have jumped on the same title.  If you want to join us as a willing learner just report for duty; your services will be your tuition Space CADet!  (Computer Aided Design Educational Trainee)

Horizontal In Line Staging (HILLS) offers two stages contributing lift with minimal drag.  Two professors at the University of Colorado indicated that the concept is a sensible solution with some potential for a senior design project.  It requires no high tech, but can provide an airframe for new propulsion developments coming on line.   Even supersonic airliners could evolve on this airframe concept.  I believe this is a logical path to fully reusable space access and improved safety performance.  Will you be a witness to the future of transportation, or a member of the pit crew?

This is a two stage booster system.  We will fly a demonstration as a volunteer vision, and prepare the corporate world to complete the mission for profit.  Air shows and trade shows can showcase results and may stimulate a growth industry the nation needs now.  Are you ready to boldly go?


David I. Luther

Exodus Aerospace

905 15h St Wheatland WY 82201

Cell phone 815-505-4979



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