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September 9, 2012

SEPTEMBER IS THE END OF THE ROAD…for summer vacation at least. 

Getting back to work is not a bad idea but the world seems to oppose my efforts in that area.  Oh I have been working for the last four years for myself.  Being self employed, I find my boss to be a bit stingy.  Four years ago I was assured of a long employment position which ended for a couple of hundred of us after only six months.  I finished my one year apartment rent contract (no release from that contract!) and went looking for another job as a contract draftsman.  It never came.  After six more months of unemployment I joined America’s new caste system as one of the “unemployable”.

Well, I am not alone.  Contract employment makes us easily disposable and even my old bosses are struggling to keep the work coming.  And education may not help either.  Statistics for employment indicate surprising unemployment rates for graduates.  From “EDU In review”:

One alarming statistic to consider is that according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are 5,000 janitors in the U.S. with a PhD degree. This shows that people with the highest level of education are unable to get jobs in their field right now. There is nothing wrong with being a janitor but we could all agree that someone with a PhD is over qualified for that job.

No matter what level of education you have, some degrees are much more in demand than others. For example, someone with a PhD in the field of health care, engineering or education is going to have an easier time finding a job than someone with a PhD in philosophy or art history.

Those with a PhD aren’t the only ones having a hard time finding jobs that utilize their educational background though. There are also 18,000 parking lot attendants in the U.S. with college degrees and over 17 million college-educated Americans with jobs that do not require that level of education.

I moved to Arizona to live with my father, and enjoyed some quality time with him in his last years.  I was his driver by day and a self employed designer by night.  I obtained a patent on my in-line staging system and began building models.  Two successful test flights encouraged a more serious effort to commercialize the idea.   Two years of effort produced little progress with entrepreneurial incubators in Arizona.  I seemed to be at a dead end of sorts.  I did continue to refine the designs and there are two nearly finished versions getting ready to build.

I read about some beggars in the bible who had no hope left during a siege of Jerusalem.  Everyone was desperate to find food, and beggars had it even worse.  They considered a mad scheme to sneak outside the city and steal from the enemy camp.  They had nothing left to lose even if they got caught.  So they stepped out in faith and discovered that the enemy were gone, and had left their treasures behind.  Fat city for beggars who dare to boldly go!

When my father passed away I had no reason to stay in Arizona, and decided to test the waters with incubators and spaceports.  That began “The Captain’s Log” earlier on this blog.  I issued a challenge by e-mail to the places that want to attract new space ventures.  It was time for me to step out like Abraham and leave my father’s home to find my own promised land. 

I already had 25 years of contract design experience and had raised my family along the way.  By this time I knew that I can’t get through the trials of life without some help.  I have been getting help after I accepted my need for Jesus Christ.  I get help, but I do not expect everyone to follow the same path I do.  In fact the Bible suggests that it is a waste of time or me to push religion.  Those who need hope will know their master’s voice.  Others deserve room to live without being harassed.

I intend to follow the creator, and he directs me to a safe path.  I can only encourage others who want to hear the message that keeps me safe.  I still intend to help everyone who wants to join the aerospace adventure equally.  I don’t need any arguments about belief, because I trust the Lord to make my case for me.  He can take care of my efforts and he can even reveal himself to others.  He can speak for himself.

I have personally seen some amazing evidence that God still makes miraculous intervention.  My success to date is not supported by formal education or great wealth.  I need more of each, but I can get by with garage sales when the bank is dry too!  What experience I have I will use to keep this project on schedule and professional.  We approach the Kickstarter effort as an education for the new space business ventures to come.

Science and faith are not incompatible.  Great men of science like Galileo and Michael Faraday have found inspiration in the intelligence of our creator.  I am actually open to a variation of evolution that other Christians may reject.  I trust the evidence of intelligence in the balance of the universe without telling God how he did it.  The Bible itself opens up some liberty in understanding that God sees time differently than we do.  How long was one day before the earth began rotation?  Theology has sometimes roasted their own scientists over semantics.

I am not going into the profession of argument.  I have a different career goal that does not wait for the verdict on every theory.  I will not rail on anyone as this is against the Bible’s instructions; a waste of time.  You can find Christians in science throughout the ages here; argue with them!

Well I don’t have to agree with Gene Roddenberry to enjoy his tale telling.  Science fiction reaches out to show a hope in man’s abilities.  Science FACT reaches out to discover hope in God’s abilities.  Any great science fiction will exhaust our techno-dreams and start looking for a spiritual solution.  We have one.

We may witness the evidence in my little successes, but greater proof may be coming soon.  Israel continues to survive even greater challenges than my life has overcome.  There are ancient promises beyond the wildest imagination of any fiction.  These continue to unfold around us every day, slowly completing a vision of hope.  We are part of a greater journey; fasten your seat belts!—israeli-attack-on-iran-may-rely-less-on-surprise-more-on-force.ashx#axzz260z7PzKa

I am going back to work on Monday, and back to school too.  When I pass my entrance exams I will be promoted to a life on the other side of the veil of death.  That is the important life, and this is just the testing phase.  Everyone is welcome to follow our voyage, and some of you will lead the way yourselves.

John Kennedy pointed us at the Moon because it was a hard challenge.  I am going on my voyage because it is an impossible one for me.  Watch for the evidence of how I am being helped by someone who knows the answers.  

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;  1 Corinthians 1:27



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