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April 30, 2013


This is the captain speaking:  all crew members move to the escape pods and abandon ship.

How many times did we watch a starship being destroyed on Star Trek?  They lost a few battles, but always won the war.  We find ourselves in a similar situation now as we watch our Kickstarter campaign nearing the end of its time without funding.  Are we stranded on the surface of an unknown planet with no vessel to continue our voyage?  No, we will find assets by using our survival skills and be ready when the captain mounts a rescue mission.  Never surrender, never give up!

I want to say that this has been the finest crew that I could have asked for.  You answered the call in the face of impossible odds.  No offering was too small, as the encouragement was priceless.  You can see my history of design and build on our blog.  This is your assurance that we are not to be stopped by a minor missed opportunity.  We build and we fly real hardware.  I regret that I will not have the whole crew on board when we fly again.  I will deliver some provisions for your stay on the surface.

I want to make some of the “Swag” available to you directly from this blog.  You can contact me at with your sizes, contact information, and address if you wish to participate.  You can follow our progress and check out the available offerings on our blog as linked above.  These are freebies, as we have no online payment system outside the Kickstarter system.  It should make your wait a bit more comforting as we regroup and plan our return.  Watch this site for offerings coming soon!

We may lose a battle, but there are signs that the war is not lost.  We will release a little less publicity for a while now, but we have new plans developing.  During this campaign we got word out to Google groups, Facebook, news agencies, aerospace professionals, Linkedin groups, and we are getting interest.  We will continue to build with the finances we have for now.

We can return to Kickstarter, but congress may enable a new crowd funding for real investment.  That would allow actual investor profits instead of just trophies.  We may consider angel investors or government contracts.  We do have solutions that can meet unusual customer missions.  The business model is more important than the airplane model, and we are on that assignment now.

All that being said; we offer wings so we can glide to a landing when we lose power.  Isn’t that a little like not getting funding?  So we can glide to a controlled landing if we have a “Plan B”.  You know that we offered a small plywood model as a reward.  That can become our (CHEAP) prototype as it is nearly completed for the design and can be tested quickly.  We will still aim at the next larger vehicles later on.  We can come back to Kickstarter with a downsized project very soon now.  We have escape pods!  In fact I already have all the components in stock for the first prototype now.

We can repackage this Kickstarter and start’er again.  Scaled down we may develop for only $1000 instead of $10,000.  That bigger project may better fit the new type of crowdfunding that Congress is trying to approve now.  That would entitle ordinary folks to actually have a share of the returns instead of little rewards.

So what is the new alternative design?  MEET THE ZANGER:



This is the “next generation” cruise missile.  Actually it is an easy build plywood model with radical lines so we named it something like the Sanger skip bomber.  We are offering the blueprints only, but the Autocad Files can be sent directly to laser cutting for easy build.  No compound curves and light weight may offer great flights.

I envision early prototype work by Roxanne, Instructions and plan sets by Scott, and pre-production build test by Vince.  I will continue design on the larger craft and commercial versions while tracking the “baby bird”.  Oakdale Aircraft may market the kits for additional publicity:





ZANGER HAS THE SAME AIRFOIL WITHOUT THE COMPOUND CURVES.  This is a good flight representation of the HILLS system at a smaller more affordable scale.  And we know the Estes rocket will separate the stages!

Here is one (of two planned) fan installed on the glider for testing:

Estimated thrust of 65mm fans:  1.5 lb. x 2 = 3 lb. total thrust. On 55 oz. or less airframe.  (Possibly 1.8 lbs. of thrust)



This step allows us to resubmit to Kickstarter within the price we already demonstrated that we can raise; $1,011 to date.  We may continue design on the larger version while testing the smaller one.   This scale can actually be delivered as rewards to Kickstarter donors too, if we get it flying.  We should be able to do that.




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