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June 29, 2013

NEW DIRECTIONS; shifting gears

Exodus Aerospace attracted some discussions with investors.  Perhaps our failure on Kickstarter is not the end of the world.  We may be successful failures…

With the end of our Kickstarter campaign we are free to move ahead on a hardline design.  This will be a fast build study for staging tests.  It will not be a big showpiece for marketing, so it can be simple and functional.  As such it may turn into a model airplane that others can build and fly.  All publicity is good for the concept!

We now have a desktop dedicated to CAD work, and a laptop for road and administrative work.  The desktop will be removed from internet connections after product registrations and downloads are complete.  It’s hard to hack a computer that is not equipped to surf the web.  Sorry China!  However that is not our only asset available now.

EXODUS AEROSPACE…still a disjointed venture for now

Exodus Aerospace is not yet incorporated, and may be re-named in the future.  This title is being used as an initial umbrella name for a group of volunteers and professional organizations who are in agreement to provide services to a future management and investor group.  We have a common “exodus” in mind:  we are leaving the planet!  The actual structure is still developing, but we do have assets in place to deliver the following services:

  1. CAD support in two locations to deliver both feasibility studies, hardline designs, and close support of ongoing fabrication.  Low cost and Mid Price CAD tools allow us to upgrade all the way to the high end tools needed by major aerospace partnerships in the future.
  2. Early model and prototype fabrication capability at two or more locations to include advanced composites and metal work.
  3. Pioneering space launch knowledge built up over many years, personal contacts with organizations and individuals with complementary skills and capabilities.  We can access both space launch and aerodynamic expertise with historical work in this horizontal launch field.  Partners can deliver credentials adequate for SBIR or STTR contracts and investor confidence…for a price of course!
  4. Preliminary designs for the aforementioned type of vehicle, drawings that include subsystems, hardware selections, trajectories for ascent and return, performance specifications for components, environmental considerations such as dynamic pressures, heating rates and heating loads, means to refine estimates, simulation tools, etc.
  5. Significant product advantages aimed at customer markets, efficiency, reusability, redundant safety, comfort, and aesthetics.
  6. Patents awarded and pending for unique solutions in space and unmanned applications.
  7. Business plans for small unmanned and suborbital applications which can contribute test vehicles and cash flow for other project development.
  8. Major university interest in design projects which can amplify the value of early development investments.
  9. Volunteer internship opportunities to learn CAD design and engineering skills that may inspire real education and career opportunities.  I know one young man who worked with early space ventures that faded, but still those did nt prevent him from winning his Aerospace Engineering degree and a rewarding career.  Taste test!
  10. All American collaboration not divided by regional competition or ITARS issues.
  11. Business plans for the HTOL concept based on markets, revenue streams, non-recurring costs of development and recurring costs of operations with a variety of scenarios in spreadsheet form. The focus of this horizontal launch proposal is to deliver best case safety and reusability for human passenger ferry service to low earth orbit.
  12. Proposed Orbiting “terminal” stations may provide a transfer point to specialized vehicles for deep space and Lunar transportation.  Refueling and repair of vehicles on orbit may be provided by such terminals.  Said terminals are likely candidates for support from vertical heavy launch providers, as our HTOL proposals are expected to focus on human safety and comfort values.
  13. Ongoing discussions with viable proposals for real ventures.  If you have an interest in new space or unmanned ventures we are still open to contributions.  Please remember that we are required to comply with all relevant regulations in United States arms traffic legislation.  Foreign participation may be possible only with some considerable effort.

Contact Information:

Exodus Aerospace 

905 15th Street

Wheatland, WY


Cell phone 815-505-4979







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