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May 9, 2014


Wyoming winters are not bad enough to complain about…after hearing how it went for the rest of the country!  It wasn’t as nice as exploring Arizona in February but we did OK.  I am focused on developing a business plan that has a real market.  So far I contributed some design time to a venture that actually has engineers and investors coming together.  That could be a big deal if the investment comes in.  I am contributing drafting services to an electric bicycle venture too.  It’s always good to contribute to other people’s dreams.

My big dream started way beyond my capacity with space launch notions.  I have since identified smaller applications that have much closer markets…if the pieces come together.  It isn’t that easy to pay engineers to iron out all the mistakes I am able to propose!  So for now I am keeping the home and computer under repair and fishing for market opportunities.

A small prototype is under construction but it will take a while to get flight and films for promotions.  I expect to start a very small business that will take a long time to build up.  If there is corporate interest I may not have to buy buildings, hire help, and figure insurance and taxes.  I’m too old to get out of bed before the sun shows up!

Well there are some ideas brewing, but a patent is only good for 17 years.  So I may need to provoke interest at every level while I am waiting around.  It reminds me of some things I used to enjoy.  Dad had a boat and lived on a canal in Algonac Michigan.  I loved putting a line on the dock and bringing up some perch.  They make a great meal when they are fresh, and it is easy fishing.  What I am doing now is like fishing for business.  Someone asked me about cutting a different kind of bait recently.  No one ever took me out deep sea fishing before.  The idea of aiming high has been floated out.  Deep space fishing anyone?

I don’t know much about big investors, but the good ones don’t think small.  If someone is exploring the realm of new space investment they will bring experts to investigate.  No one would spend big on old ideas that everyone can use freely.  But new ideas have to be feasible and affordable.  In space those are two really big steps.  I have some background to produce images that could be a balance aircraft design.  Making that affordable could be a challenge except for the thinking of big spenders, who may see expense as being relative to profit margins.

If we look at aircraft developments in the 1930s Douglas produced a metal monoplane with twin engines.  But the DC1 and the DC2 were too small to be profitable.  The airline customers suggested that the design be made larger until they reached the DC3 which went on to be a superstar of aviation history.  I see the race to the space station as a form of the early mail contracts.  It was important to put those biplanes to work and establish a first market for aviation.  Today vertical launch services are racing to supply the space station, but a far bigger market is shaping up.  The customer space lines will be shaping a different form of transportation.

As winter breaks I may be on the road again, but not until I see the money.  In Wyoming I will deliver design services to new ventures at very reasonable rates.  I am still finishing up some jobs on the old CAD tool and the future space transportation proposal is one of the last jobs for Alibre.  This tool is good enough to put out some illustrations of new ideas.  As such I am now cutting bait for a really deep space venture.  My patents fit projects of all sizes, and I will publish provocation for big dreamers along the way.

I am working for customers who absolutely refuse to talk about space tourism.  That is good sense for those building a satellite launching system.  So I deliver the most practical working hardware designs that we can get funded and built.  But someone else suggested that some investors want even more than tourism.  There should be a workforce going to space in the near future.  Tourism could be part of that, but so is mining and colonization.  Orbital and Lunar science and industry are getting closer now.  Robots don’t know how to improvise when things break, but humans do.  Check out Apollo 13 history on that one.

If this is going to happen it will take some volunteer work.  I am publishing notional designs for some very unique solutions.  I offer this on three blogs on WordPress and in a group on Facebook.  I could use some help getting the word out. My Facebook group is called Orioncraft and offers ideas and a chance for participation.  Perhaps someone can help publish this in Google groups and various space related web sites.  Is anyone up to doing some link sharing online?

I will work my tail off building small ventures to pay the bills.  I will also give time to publish the ideas that might line up with the needs of future markets and investors.  When questions come we will also need some new leadership.  This will not be a get rich venture, but a fun project for some sweat investment.  If you want to make a million dollars in aerospace, start with five million.  Well I am probably NOT going to see that one million come back anyway.  So who will be the young Turk to be the CEO, the chief engineer, or the head of marketing?

Nobody gets to first base unless the fans buy tickets.  So we cut bait for the really big fish at least some of the time.  The future buyer may not be the traditional NASA or aerospace giants.  Private investors are looking at the future for new markets and new profits.  NASA is a fickle partner but they contribute technologies and partnerships that may still fit in.  A key is to deliver performance never previously considered.

My proposals are just that; ideas waiting to be evaluated and revised for the real market.  The components are being shaped to fit the airfoil, and the airframe will be shrink-fitted even more tightly on the components.  Structures have to be shaved to the bone and a lot of engineers will get paid for these results.  Their paycheck will only come when the investor takes the bait.

The bait has to be the biggest juiciest bait fish the customer has ever seen.  Never mind that it is an artificial lure, a feasibility study for now, just make it right.  To that end I am publishing a study that has never lived inside the box.  The details are already being published on the Wings to Space Blog.  These will be condensed into a strong marketing tool later.

You will find some of our proposals that have not been published anywhere else before this.  In-line staging of wing bodies is only the beginning.  We want that investor who thinks like an Elon Musk or a Richard Branson.  We need to identify the only viable path for the technology and buy all the real estate around that direction.  With enough new ideas at least a few will survive to become functional in the new space future.  Keep your eye on the line; we are deep space fishing now!




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