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May 10, 2014

Exodus Aerospace has released as a look ahead to the space transportation needs of the next generation of new space commerce.  Previous vehicle designs have all been for sub scale models and unmanned systems.  It is time for us to deliver solutions that have not been previously proposed for safety , comfort, and affordable high flight rates.

The market is not ready for large capacity passenger vehicles yet, but the future is shaping up.  A friend of our venture has suggested that airline style operations require more passenger capacity and a fleet of craft to be profitable in that new market.  Without proposing anything larger than present vehicles it is possible to offer a variety of improvements over those offerings.

These concepts are intended to be novel enough to provoke some analysis.  As feasibility studies they are not complete vehicle designs yet.  Trade studies will improve the match of components and “shrink fit” the airframe to even more efficient forms.  In other words a lot of managers, engineers, scientists, and technicians could pay a lot of bills before these ideas fly!

These early proposals are not without value though.  It is important to get investors thinking about the lessons of the past and the possible answers for the future.  Without waiting for warp drive there are possibilities in the near future.  I hope we are delivering some notions to motivate the marketing and managing teams to put our engineers to work.  Our economy needs a growth industry.

New space ventures are bursting with commercial ideas that suggest increased human traffic to low earth orbit.  Investors who want a world beating space program will need solutions that are out of this world.  Are you ready to boldly go?  Follow the details in articles on the Wings To Space horizontal launch advocacy blog site: 






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