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August 5, 2014



It has been a long pleasant summer in Wyoming.  After a hasty trip to Houston we are organizing capacity for more design work.  Siemens NX CAD is beginning to deliver the first drawings as my skills are refreshed.






I find the old familiar tools after I learn where the new menus have relocated them.  After using a simple system I am both happy and overwhelmed to find so many variables available again.  We have been able to develop conceptual designs, but now we need more elaborate tools and features.  Then we need to reliably deliver finished drawings in a professional format.  We are on the way.


We added the services of Will Green, an engineering student in Pennsylvania.  He has done some model airplane construction so we turned him loose on another untested idea.  He has a capable CAD system and should have fun with a free hand on a new concept.  Building small ideas one piece at a time can lead to bigger things to come.


Our second generation models are still under construction in Arizona.  Ideas from the Pennsylvania project may evolve into third generation powered models as well.  These are needed for marketing efforts in unmanned systems.  Without having a working market in that field yet we continue to market basic CAD services for now.

70000051 SHT 1


Sometimes the best way to your dreams is to help others to realize theirs.  Perhaps our friends at Triton Systems will be able to use our preliminary models to advantage.  Their new website reflects some of our conceptual models and new momentum towards the market. Even the web page is still under development but it shows that a dark horse entry in new space is awakeningThe final site will reveal a lot of heavy credentials and leadership towards competitive systems.



But that is a long-term project with a lot of analysis yet to be delivered.  All dreams take time, but time will tell that the dreamers are alive and building.  Innovation in small stages is acceptable, but never neglect the open door if bigger things may be presented along the way.



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