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July 2, 2016



There seems to be a lot of help out there for new space business…if you don’t want to really make a difference.  But then what really would make a difference?  Cube satellites, experiments, or small satellite launchers?

Elon Musk is the name that seems to threaten the industry.  Reusable rockets are a promise we have been waiting for and it seems to be getting closer with vertical landings.  Eventually we may see a second stage and then a capsule recovered from orbital missions.  But how does Spacex compare to the X-37?  Sure the X-37 throws away a booster but the orbiter returns to be reused…every time.  It has had no crashes and went back to flight after two years on orbit.  They just keep on working.  Wings work.

So here I come with the wild idea that wings are good for climb to space, reentry, and reusability.  An old guy with no credentials thinks that he might have a better idea than the guys with all the money and government funding.  Can it happen?  A farm boy with no credentials brought mass production to the auto industry.

Exodus Aerospace is incorporated and still has only an old man and a dog on the payroll.  Volunteers have been coming and going for two years.  We do have some very qualified partners who have a day job and little time to spare.  Belief is there but we really need full-fledged partners.  I do the office, computer designs, marketing, management, and day dreams.  Reality suggests that my vision is meant for super heavy investment.  That requires a great leader, team, business plan, customers, and extreme technology advantages.  We can get help with most of that but a team requires people who come to work.  In the beginning that means sweat equity; free work for a promise of future wealth.  We lack this.

I tested models, paid patent lawyers, and produced endless design proposals.  Gradually I fix the mistakes of the last design.  Now our volunteers have contributed value from their greater technical and business experience.  We are getting better designs and business plans but we are a long way from being ready to seek investment.

Our proposals have been aimed at low tech low speed suborbital demonstrations at first.  But suborbital markets are overrated.  The satellite market is the big money pool now.  So we are raising the bar to make a realistic customer base and business plan for investors.  That pushes us into a much higher investment requirement.  The price will be very high, but why not?  The returns from satellite companies are also much much higher.  It makes sense to aim the development cost at the best market.  Our design proposal may still be too small and too modest.

If investors are to get a return they have to dominate the competition.  So we offer patents and other inventions that the competition can’t have.  We also have to target much better performance than any launch system has seen before.  We will deliver performance, reusable economy, and reliability that can lower insurance costs.  The systems are also scalable to manned operations where comfort is also a factor.  We can offer a long list of advantages but we still suffer from one disadvantage:  poverty.

Investment needs a leader and a team just as much as technology and a business plan.  I put all my time and money into this and I need partners who also understand sacrificial investment.  I understand that I offer little to insure your investment but getting familiar with the design and the team will reveal the value here.  That only happens if the team is ready to come to work.

With all the help available for business plans and incubation we still need a place for entrepreneurs to meet, dream, and scheme.  I offered a Facebook group to inspire people to join in and help.  Now I have added a Meetup group.  We get a little help but this need serious professional credentials for business and technology.

Perhaps a big space advocacy group could host a forum for venture proposals.  This is not a place for the weak hearted though; broken space ventures litter the landscape.  Finding truly sacrificial makers is rare.  I think that this need to meet and greet is a greater need than all the other training out there.  The team is more important than all the other factors.  We can expect that any venture big enough to deliver real value will need a happy crew.

I am actually asking people to move to Wheatland Wyoming to work on a new space venture.  Oh this is rural America and our entertainment includes the county fair, demolition derby, and a rodeo.  But it rarely includes any kind of crime, stress, or hostility.  If you feel hostile go take out an elk or some rainbow trout in the mountains.  You can come to work and know that your kids probably won’t be in any crime worse than painting graffiti on the freeway underpass.   For now work from home or just pay us a visit.  We are here for a reason, there are some great new space ventures in this area.

If you want to consider learning more about our effort our Exodus Blog and Facebook Groups offer a little running news about the venture.  On Facebook you can actually jump in and comment on the news.  Others in the group have made contributions over the years.  But everyone is encouraged to consider joining the actual company that we are forming.  New space is a participation sport, not a spectator sport.



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