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February 6, 2017


PAPER AIRPLANE:  a civilian space consortium…JOIN THE VOYAGE!

Exodus Aerospace is a very small entity.  This is mostly this old mechanical designer enjoying his retirement, but a few engineers have contributed along the way.  Actually I have contributed design and drafting to four different horizontal launch ventures in addition to my own.  One of those engineers suggested that we should be looking at orbital ventures instead of the suborbital and tourist ventures.  That provoked me into seeking better ways to do horizontal launch to LEO.  I invested time and money in patents that may be part of the solution.

But going to orbit requires a lot of good ideas to work.  Getting there by horizontal launch has been analyzed for decades and is still needing a lot more good ideas.  Fortunately there have been a few good ideas that were overlooked in the past.  In the right combination they may lead to a workable solutionI don’t have all the answers, but I may have some of the questions.  You may have a few yourself, so I am going to present my studies in an open online forum.  All are free to follow our design process and contribute ideas and your own business assets to the process.

We are not pushing for investment, but this may be worth watching.  Everyone can learn from watching the design process unfold.  This is a paper airplane now, but the ideas will be provocative.  We should target a system that will be more than an answer; it should be the answer.  If innovative thinking is focused we will outline real high value solutions.

Questions that merit more evaluation may lead to a viable business.  Engineers and managers need paychecks to point to the future of space launch.  A good design outline can draw the investment to launch a real industry.  This is our opportunity to flesh out a totally new kind of space launch system.  This may prove to be the key to safe affordable space access.  We welcome criticism because it reveals weaknesses that need to be fixed.  We also welcome new ideas that can solve those problems.

Our Computer aided drafting (CAD) tools are a window on the future.  Beyond the blueprint that is a map for the shop, these models are a window to the future.  Because they are built on accurate measuring tools they gather data beyond mere illustrations.  It is possible to make a rough model that tracks mass and balance data to tailor performance.  Engines, mechanisms, structures, and fuel tanks can be planned to fit the best aerodynamic shapes.  Ideas that cut mass and drag can come together in the virtual world with no major cost.  These are more than just pretty pictures.

We have flown model airplanes that provided some lessons already.  Now the virtual model allows us to do trade studies of a variety of new ideas.  We have a few ideas now, but inventors and vendors around us have a lot of ideas we have not yet considered.  All of you have experience that may shape the future of aerospace.  Everyone may make suggestions, and vendor advertisements are welcome.  We have a flexible forum available.

  1. EXODUS AEROSPACE, Introducing a unique horizontal launch technology is our development blog. Here you can track our initial concepts and consider new ideas.  We have described a small vehicle for suborbital development in past posts.  Before we propose prototypes with little market value, we want to look at a goal with much bigger payoffs.  That has to be a reasonable future that is reachable and affordable as well.

The Launcher Evolution Advanced Prototype (LEAP) will be a radical look at the future of space.  Jeff Greason once called my patent “weird”.  It occurred to me that Burt Rutan might say that it isn’t weird enough.  Together we can fix that!  We don’t care if your ideas come from Kerbal Space, X-Plane, Star Trek, universities, or NASA…bring them all!  The Air Force is starting a “Space Consortium” of small and large ventures.  We may contribute, but we don’t have to wait for the government to get organized.  (Is that even possible?)  We are free to launch our own consortium now.

  1. ORIONCRAFT AEROSPACE INCUBATION is our Facebook group where you can join in. You may participate as fans or jump in to join the pit crew.  Some day we may have some deep secrets that require a non-disclosure agreement.  But most of our data is new combinations of old ideas or patented so the world already knows a lot of this.  It is the new combinations that may rock the launch industry.  On Facebook you can chime in with ideas, questions, chat or just watch the fun.
  1. WINGS TO SPACE…THE WRIGHT STUFF is for the serious writers and new products. If you want to write a promotion of your horizontal launch technologies or products this advocates all avenues to horizontal launch.  We have already published articles about Triton Systems Stellar-J and Bristol Spaceplanes among others.  There are also historical articles about designs from the past.  Elements of all of these may open doors to the future.

LOOK OVER THESE LINKS AND CONSIDER WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER.  Consider what we may have to offer as well.  If we plant the right seeds, you may be a founder, an employee, or a key product vendor.  The real key is desire.  If you want a better future you can build it.  This is an open invitation to innovation so abandon you doubts and fears and step out.  ARE YOU READY TO BOLDLY GO?


Ragole,  Michael

Mindt,   Michael

Luther, David

Petterson, Bob

Schulze, Ken 

Peach, Robert



905 15TH ST WHEATLAND, WY 82201

PHONE 307-331-6448




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