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November 8, 2019


Can Wyoming build jobs for these?

“Housing costs in the Denver metro area are rising faster than people’s wages.  More luxury homes are popping up every day, which is driving up housing values across Denver. Redfin says the metro’s median list price for homes has topped $400,000.  Denver residents are looking to migrate to nearby cities like Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, where homes are listing for a median of $305,000. Denverites are searching in Seattle, too.”

I find myself rambling here as I enjoy small town life in Wheatland, but lacking technical assets to move aerospace projects.  Wheatland is not far from a new space venture in Chugwater, and Laramie offers some engineering talent at the University of Wyoming.  I know one Colorado manufacturer that does have a hangar at the airport in Cheyenne.  But we are challenged by a lot of miles of highway between us and needed resources.

Colorado aerospace is booming, but workers may struggle to make ends meet.  Should we be encouraging more education to seed this industry in our more affordable state?  We are close enough to draw some business from Denver if we have advantages to offer.  I know that the University of Wyoming did accommodate one student by offering an aerospace class not long ago.  Is it possible to seed interest with high school students to revive aerospace  interest with the college?

I sold three patents to help launch Exodus Space Corporation which landed in Denver.   I have now resigned from that partnership to pursue small affordable projects and support other ventures with blueprint services.

I have two new patents pending that enable better horizontal launch to space.  My lost shares of Exodus, and Social Security will not comfort my finances in the future, so my retirement is aimed at small jobs.  I would enjoy contributing to a non profit venture if it would help the state and our industry.  I have some interest in building a model airplane to demonstrate my new patents.  There is free software available from NASA for aspiring engineers that can help make this fly.  Entrepreneurs may build a path to new industry on this foundation.  Do we have assets that could grow into a strong industry in Wyoming?

While I have not offered a real solid plan for this, I invite input from all to better solutions.  I had a lot of fun doing the CAD designs for my model airplanes, and now the professionals are chasing the investment to make Exodus Space Corporation into a real industry.  I would enjoy offering my new concepts for students to grow with.  Do we have any innovative solutions out there?

David Luther




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